About Fatty Daddy’s


Our Legacy doesn’t date back 50 years, we didn’t have a grand business plan, and we actually didn’t even know how to make ice cream. We had so many ideas but we kept coming back to delicious gourmet ice cream. Why ice cream you might ask? Well, what other thing makes you smile by just uttering those magic words, “ICE CREAM.” So we partnered with a local creamery to learn, and work hand in hand with them to create our signature flavors.

Once we had our flavors pretty much worked out, we scouted the area for a place set up shop and call home. We decided on a neighborhood location, somewhere that we would become a part of the community and even be able to give back. We look forward to making you feel like part of the Fatty Daddy’s family as well, so stop in and enjoy some amazing ice cream or even one of our delicious (Almost Famous) Fatty Daddy’s Cookie Cup.






“Sweet. light, and supremely photogenic, a well-made macaron can be a hard thing to resist”

Phoenix New Times

It all starts with that one special cow that give us the freshest milk for us to process

Creating our ice cream mix is a very important step in the ice cream making process. We make our blend to the highest quality before we start to creating our signature flavors.

Once we have our base we begin to make our delicious hand crafted flavors. We mix in the finest local ingredients, to provide superior ice cream flavors.



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